Your pool at your fingertips.

The WaterGuru app is your direct connection to your pool—no matter where you are.

With the ability to monitor your pool remotely and receive occasional status updates, you can feel comfortable knowing out of sight won’t turn into out of hand.

Pool Temperature

pH and Chlorine Levels

Battery Life

See everything you need right from the dashboard.
Let WaterGuru walk you through installation step by step.
Get the support you need—when you need it.
Manage multiple pools—and WaterGurus—with ease.
Resupply DROP pH and chlorine refills directly from the app.

Relax, WaterGuru has you covered.

The WaterGuru app walks you through installation and has everything else you need to know, all from the convenience of your favorite smart device. If you have a question, just contact customer support directly from the app.

Pool chores shouldn’t get in the way of fun.

WaterGuru automates everyday pool maintenance, so every pool moment is joy. Depending on conditions, WaterGuru can maintain an average 18,000-gallon pool for up to 30 days without needing a refill. (We like to think of it as a care-free pool.)

No hassles, more splashing around.

WaterGuru is easy to install and comes equipped with everything you need to treat your pool water. Because every moment you spend thinking about your pool should be how best to enjoy it.

DROP pH Refills




Chlorine Refills


Test Pad Cassette


C-Cell Batteries